Lakeway Weight Loss Trainers In Lakeway TX

Lakeway Weight Loss Trainers

Did you know that personal trainers undergo extensive training like every other profession? Contrary to popular belief, our Lakeway weight loss trainers do not gain their experience by working around gyms – we get in-depth training and expert knowledge that we use to help our clients. Our certifications serve as proof.

The team from Practical Fitness takes it a notch higher with at least five years of experience that enable us to guarantee the best experience and lasting results. We give our clients the best, including a money-back guarantee and free consultation.


  • Body Fat Loss – We are the go-to team if you want to improve your muscle tone or lose fat. We use strength-building techniques rather than cardiovascular methods for more effectiveness. Studies have shown that strength training burns calories while building muscles and stimulating metabolism.
  • Improved Lifestyle – A strength-building method that our Lakeway weight loss trainers use is one of the best ways of improving your lifestyle and living longer. Studies have shown that lean muscles are better for overall health, hindering many diseases and allowing the body to build stronger immunity.
  • Joint Pain Reduction – Joint pains tend to increase with age, but you can get rid of them without relying on medication. Our sessions can help you improve your flexibility and mobility – we can try eccentric exercises that elongate muscles instead of shortening them, meaning your joints will have a full range of motion.


Practical Fitness weight loss trainers in Lakeway TX are conversant with many other exercise routines that can improve your body and overall life in several ways. The best part is that you do not have to pay for the first consultation if it takes an hour. You also remain in charge as our team only provides formal guidelines for optimal results. We accord our clients many other benefits, such as:

  • Complete privacy
  • Money-back guarantee after four sessions
  • Massive experience


Getting in touch with us is easy – call 512-751-0732. We assure you of personalized exercise sessions for your body type and bring you the specific results you need. Lakeway weight loss trainers will not fail you.


Have a question before you get stared? Call or text us and we’ll get you and answer!

Austin (Jollyville): 11824 Jollyville Road, Suite 104 – 512-552-1581

Westlake:1715 S. Capital of Texas Hwy – Suite 102 – 512-552-1210

Lakeway: 1700 North Ranch 620 – Suite 105A – 512-922-9816

Willow Bend, Plano: 5512 West Plano Parkway – Suite 200 – 469-668-7545